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To interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky, and this present time...


Career and Employment 

Awards, honors, and appearance in mass media

  • A newspaper story (The JoongAng Ilbo - Economics) : "Cool the hot city!" (2018)
  • Interview by MBC Live Broadcasting 'Today' about "Korea Climate and Meteorological Industry Exhibition 2017" (2017)
  • Interview by MBC News 8 about "Severe Drought and Cabbage Price" (2015)
  • Invited SCI-Journal Reviewer for BAMS (2011-), MAPS (2012-), JCSB (2014-), AMET (2016-), etc. 
  • Invited to Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, Univ. of Maryland Chapter (2010-present)
  • Invited to Golden Key International Honor Society, Univ. of Maryland, College Park Chapter (2010-present)
  • 1st place in the Forecasting Technique Contest, Korea Meteorological Administration (2001) - Ceremony of awarding prizes, featured by The Korea Defense Daily 
  • 1st place (science field) in the PNU Academic Contest, PNU Press Center (1996)

Research Experiences and Interests

  • High-Imact Weather Modeling : Warm Season Heavy Rainfall
  • Regional Climate Modeling : Land-Atmosphere interaction
  • Book Publication : Atmospheric Sciences Terminology
    - Korean/English/Chinese index (S.-N. Oh and Coauthors (including S.-J. Lee), 2013), KOMES & KMA 
  • Book Translation : Atmospheric Modeling, Data Assimilation and Predictability (Prof. E. Kalnay) - Korean version (S.-J. Lee, J.-S. Kang, and H.-L. Yoo, 2012), 368pp. Sigma Press Ltd., Selected as one of the Excellent Books of Basic Sciences (7 June 2013) by the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea  
  • Mumti-Model Ensemble(MME) predictions : Seasonal prediction, WMOLC for LRFMME
  • Summer Monsoon system: Onset, End, Duration, Development, Instant Stop, Rainfall pattern (Harmonic Analysis)
  • El Nino / La Nina Monitoring and Prediction : Weekly/Monthly SST, Pacific Ocean Equator Anomaly, IRI's ENSO prediction plumes, NCEP/CPC's prediction, El Nino / La Nina Updates,
  • Mixed Layer Height : Realtime CBL Height Estimation Using Radiosonde Data
  • Near-Surface Atmospheric Data Assimilation : KMA Unified 3DVAR system; NCEP Gridpoint Statistical-Interpolation System
  • Global Model Physics Improvement : KMA Global Model (GDAPS) PBL scheme ; GDAPS Cloud Amount Parameterization ; GDAPS Physical Process Diagnosis using Diagnostic Variables
  • Operational Numerical Weather Prediction : Korea Air Force Mososcale Model (KAF-MM5)
  • Aviation Meteorology : Analysis and Forecasting of Aircraft-Turbulence and Aircraft-Icing Over South Korea using KAF-MM5
  • Mountain Wave Disturbances : Theoretical Study using Linear Mountain Wave Model based on Smith (1980); Numerical Simulation using the ARPS developed by CAPS at Univ. of Oklahoma, USA
  • Land and Sea Breezes : PNU-MCM (Mesoscale Circulation Model); Defant's Analytic Model
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling : EPA ISC Models for Atmospherc Environment Assessments
  • Atmospheric Boundary Layer Observation : Air/Tether Sonde Observation using ADAS

Research Tools

  • Programming Languages : Fortran90/95, G95(for WinXP), C, HTML, JavaScript 
  • Supercomputers : CRAY, NEC, IBM, The Linux Problem Base
  • Numerical Meteorological Models : WRF, CWRF, MM5, ARPS (CAPS), GDAPS(T213), LCM, PNU-MCM
  • Land Surface Models : Noah LSM, Noah-MP LSM (Energy and CO2 fluxes between surface and atmosphere), JULES-crop (considering human activity)
  • Graphic Packages : ZXPLOT, NCL, WRF-NCL Examples, NCAR-Graphics, GrADS (PCMDI), MyGrads, RIP4 (User's Guide), VAPOR, Vis5D, Examples of ImageMagick Usage (version 6), SM, Ghostscript, SURFER, Coastline Extractor, 3" STRM Topography Data, NCEP Final Analysis(FNL from GFS), PLOT88
  • Word Processors : MS Word, LaTeX, HWP
  • Statistical Package : R , R-Studio , MINITAB , Statistical method description, Source Code(.f) for REG, FFT, EOF
  • Selected Certificates 
    - Certificate of Eddy Covariance System Training (Jun 2014)
    - Certificate of Achievement, Successful completion of Cray X1OPT and X1PRT, Seoul, S. Korea (Aug 9-13 2004)
    - Certificate of Achievement, Successful completion of Interactive Data Language(IDL) Introductory Course, Intersys Inc., Daejeon, S. Korea (Nov 8-10 1999) 

Communication with People

Selected Papers

  1. Kwak, J., M. I. Kim, and S.-J. Lee, Dec 2018
    "Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Considering the Saturation Depth Ratio by Rainfall Change"
    The Journal of Engineering Geology, 28, 4, 687-699. [PDF full text] 
  2. Jeong, J., and S.-J. Lee, July 2018
    "A Statistical Parameter Correction Technique for WRF Medium-Range Prediction of Near-Surface Temperature and Wind Speed Using Generalized Linear Model"
    Atmosphere, 9(8), 291. [PDF full text]
  3. Ha, T., I.-B. Lee, K. Kwon, and S.-J. Lee, June 2018
    "Development of a micro-scale CFD model to predict wind environment on mountainous terrain"
    Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 149, 110-120. [PDF full text] 
  4. Park, J., S.-J. Lee, M. Kang, J. Kim, I. Yang, B.-G. Kim, and K.-G. You, 31 March 2018
    "Suggestions for improving quality assurance and spatial representativeness of Cheorwon AAOS data"
    Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 18(4), 307-319. [PDF full text]

  5. Park, J., H.-S. Kim, S.-J. Lee, and T. Ha, 15 February 2018
    "Numerical Evaluation of JULES Surface Tiling Scheme with High-Resolution Atmospheric Forcing and Land Cover Data"
    SOLA, 14, 19-24, [PDF full text]
  6. Shin, Y.-H., J.-Y. Choi, S.-J. Lee, and S.-H. Lee, September, 2017
    "Estimation of Irrigation Requirements for Red Pepper using Soil Moisture Model with High Resolution Meteorological Data"
    Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers, 59(5), 31-40. [PDF full text]

  7. Choi, J.-Y., M.-K. Hong, S.-H. Lee, and S.-J. Lee, June 2017
    "Cropland Water Use Impact Forecast Using Weather Prediction Information"
    Meteorological Technology and Policy, 71-81. [PDF full text]
  8. Lee, S.-J., J. Song, and Y. Kim, 2016
    "The NCAM Land-Atmosphere Modeling Package (LAMP) Version 1: Implementation and Evaluation"
    Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 18(4), 307-319. [PDF full text]
  9. Song, J., S.-J. Lee, M. Kang, M. Moon, J.-H. Lee, and J. Kim, 2015
    "High-Resolution Numerical Simulations with WRF/Noah-MP in Cheongmicheon Farmland in Korea During the 2014 Special Observation Period"
    Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 17(4), 384-398.    [PDF full text] 
  10. Hong, M.-K., S.-H. Lee, J.-Y Choi, S.-H. Lee, and S.-J. Lee, 2015
    "Estimation of Soil Moisture and Irrigation Requirement of Upland using Soil Moisture Model applied WRF Meteorological Data"
    Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers, 57(6), 173-183. [PDF full text]
  11. Choi, S. W, S.-J. Lee, J. Kim, B.-L. Lee, K. Kim, and B. C. Choi, 2015
    "Agrometeorological Observation Environment and Periodic Report of Korea Meteorological Administration: Current Status and Suggestions"
    Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 17(2), 144-155. [PDF full text]
  12. Oh, G. L, S.-J. Lee, B. C. Choi, J. Kim, K. Kim, S. W. Choi, and B.-L. Lee, 2015
    "Quality Control of Agro-meteorological Data Measured at Suwon Weather Station of Korea Meteorological Administration"
    Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 17(1), 25-34. [PDF full text]
  13. Lee, S.-J., J. Kim, M. Kang and B. Malla-Thakuri, 2014
    "Numerical simulation of local atmospheric circulations in the valley of Gwangneung KoFlux sites"
    Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 16, 244-258. [PDF full text]
  14. Lee, S.-J., J. Kim, and C.-H Cho, 2014
    "An Automated Monitoring of Atmospheric Mixing Height from Routine Radiosonde Profiles over South Korea Using a Web-Based Data Transfer Method"
    Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 186, 3253-3263.    [PDF full text]
  15. Lee, S.-J., J. Lee, S. J. Greybush, M. Kang, and J. Kim, 2013
    "Spatial and Temporal Variation in PBL Height over the Korean Peninsula in the KMA Operational Regional Model"
    Advances in Meteorology, Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 381630, 16 pages [PDF full text]
  16. Ichii, K., M. Kondo, Y. Okabe, M. Ueyama, H. Kobayashi, S.-J. Lee, N. Saigusa, Z. Zhu, and R. B. Myneni, 2013
    "Recent Changes in Terrestrial Gross Primary Productivity in Asia from 1982 to 2011"
    Remote Sensing, 5, 6043-6062.    [PDF full text]
  17. Lee, S.-J., E. H. Berbery, and D. Alcaraz-Segura, 2013
    "The Impact of Ecosystem Functional Type Changes on the La Plata Basin Climate"
    Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 30(5), 1387-1405. [PDF full text]
  18. Lee, S.-J., E. H. Berbery, and D. Alcaraz-Segura, 2013
    "Effect of Implementing Ecosystem Functional Type Data in a Mesoscale Climate Model"
    Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 30(5), 1373-1386. [PDF full text]
  19. Lee, S.-J., and E. H. Berbery, 2012
    "Land Cover Change Effects on the Climate of the La Plata Basin"
    J. of Hydrometeorology, 13, 84-102. [PDF full text]
  20. Lee, S.-J., D. F. Parrish, W.-S. Wu, S.-Y. Park, S. J. Greybush, W.-J. Lee, and S. J. Lord, 2011
    "Effects of 2-m Air Temperature Assimilation and a New Near-Surface Observation Operator on the NCEP Gridpoint Statistical-Interpolation System"
    Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Science, 47, 353-376. [PDF full text]
  21. Lee, S.-J., and Y.-C. Kim, Mar. 2011
    "A Study on the Operational Ceiling Forecasting and its Improvement Using a Mesoscale Numerical Prediciton Model over the Korean Peninsula"
    J. of the Korean Society for Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation, 19, 24-29. [PDF full text]
  22. Lee, J.-W., S.-W. Lee, S.-O. Han, S.-J. Lee, and D.-E. Chang, 2011
    "The Impact of Satellite Observations on the UM-4DVar Analysis and Prediction System at KMA"
    Atmosphere, 21, 85-93. [PDF full text]
  23. Lee, S.-J., and H. Kawai, 2011
    "Mixing Depth Estimation from Operational JMA and KMA Wind-Profiler Data and Its Preliminary Applications: Examples from Four Selected Sites"
    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, 89, 15-28. [PDF full text]
  24. Lee, S.-J., Aug. 2010
    Ph.D. dissertation, Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland, College Park, 153 pp. [PDF full text]
  25. Lee, S.-J., H. W. Lee and S.-D. Kang, 2007
    "A Simple Simulation of Parabola-Shaped Clouds in the Lee of a Low Bell-Shaped Mountain Using the ARPS"
    Journal of the Korean Environmental Sciences, 16, 541-548. [PDF full text]
    ---> If you want to use the FORTRAN source code for linear mountain waves, feel free to contact Seung-Jae.
  26. Lee, S.-J. and H. W. Lee, 2006
    "A Study on a Three-dimensional Linear Mountain Wave Model and Its Application to Complex Terrain"
    Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 42, 1-10. [PDF full text]
    ---> If you want to use the FORTRAN source code for linear mountain waves, feel free to contact Seung-Jae.
  27. Lee, S.-J., D.-H. Shin, S.-H. Sohn, S.-H. Kim, G.-H. Kim, Y.-S. Cho, and W.-J. Lee, 2006
    "Air Pollution Meteorological Index (APMI) Forecasts Using the KMA RDAPS"
    Journal of Meteorological Technology, 2, 59-72. [PDF full text]
  28. Lee, S.-J., and H.-D. Yoo, 2005
    "Verification of the Model-Predicted Mixed Layer Height Using Wind Profiler Data"
    Journal of Meteorological Technology, 1, 1-13. [PDF full text]
  29. Lee, S.-J., and Y.-C. Kim, 2005
    "A Study on the Occurence and Prediction of Aircraft Icing over South Korea"
    Journal of the Korean Meteorological Society, 41, 615-624. [PDF full text]
  30. Lee, S.-J. and Y.-C. Kim, 2002
    "A Numerical Forecast and Verification of the Aircraft Turbulence Observed over South Korea"
    Journal of the Korean Meteorological Society, 38, 493-507. [PDF full text]

Selected Reports, Office Notes, Newsletters, etc 

  1. J. Kim and Coauthors (including S.-J. Lee), 2012
    "Long-Term Monitoring and Ecological Studies on Forest Ecosystem - Tower Flux Measurement, Data Processing and Database Construction in Gwangneung Forest Ecosystem"
  2. Lee, S.-J., and E. H. Berbery, 2011
    "Land cover changes and their effect on the climate of La Plata basin"
    CLIVAR Exchanges, 16(3), International CLIVAR Project Office, Southampton, United Kingdom, 2-4
  3. Alcaraz-Segura, D., E. H. Berbery, S.-J. Lee, and J. Paruelo, 2011
    "Use of Ecosystem Functional Types to represent the interannual variability of vegetation biophysical properties in regional models"
    CLIVAR Exchanges, 16(1), International CLIVAR Project Office, Southampton, United Kingdom, 23-27 [PDF full text]
  4. O.-W. Kwon and Coauthors (including S.-J. Lee), 2010
    "Study on the development of conceptual model using KLAPS (IV)"
    KMA Publishing Enrollment No. 11-1360395-000213-01, 183 pp.
  5. W.-T. Yun, J.-S. Lee, H.-K. Kim, S.-D. Kang, Y.-H. Lee, S.-J. Lee, K.-S. Cho, J.-E. Kim, J.-Y. Lim, and H.-J. Na, May. 2007
    "Year 2007 forecast data document: Summer time (June - August)"
    KMA Publishing Enrollment No. 11-1360000-000227-08, 141 pp.
  6. Lee, S.-J., M.-S. Lee, and J.-W. Kim, Dec. 2006
    "Near-surface data assimilation in the KMA Unified-3DVAR Analysis System: Innovation characteristics and Operator/Variable Selection"
    KMA/NWPD Technical Report 2006-8, 32 pp.
  7. Park, G.J., W.J. Lee, E. Heo, M.R. Ryouk, H. Shin, J.M. Jeon, T.S. Kim, J.G. Ryou, H.K. Lee, D.W. Kim, and S.-J. Lee, Nov. 2006
    "Year-2006 Changma Front Analysis"
    KMA Report 11-1360000-000254-10, 140 pp.
  8. Hwang, S.-O., S.-J. Lee, S.-Y. Park, and S.-W. Joo, May 2006
    "Development of QuikSCAT seawind data assimilation technique in the KMA-3DVAR system"
    KMA/NWPD Technical Report 2006-2, 39 pp. [PDF full text]
  9. Lee, S.-J., D. F. Parrish, and W.-S. Wu, Oct. 2005
    "Near-surface data assimilation in the NCEP Gridpoint Statistcal-Interpolation system: Use of land temperature data and a comprehensive forward model"
    NOAA/NCEP Office Note, No. 446, 46 pp. [PDF full text]
  10. Park, B.-K., S.-J. Lee, Y.-S. Lee, H.-J. Lee and H.-D. Yoo, Oct. 2004
    "Detailed description of physical processes of KMA global forecast model" 
    KMA/NWPD Technical Report 2004-6, 300 pp. 

Invited Talk, Seminar, Lecture ... 

  1. S.-J. Lee, S.-J. Lee, S.-H. Min, I. S. Noh, and H. Doh, May 2019
    NCAM Land-Atmosphere Modeling Package (LAMP) for Supporting the Agricultural and Forestry Sectors in Korea: Version History and Preliminary Evaluation, 2019 International Workshop on Next-Generation NWP Models, Jeju, 23 May 2019
  2. S.-J. Lee, Jun. 2017
    "The NCAM Land-Atmosphere Modeling Package (LAMP)"
    Interdisciplinary Program of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Seoul National University, 1 June 2017
  3. S.-J. Lee, Jun. 2016
    "Applicaton of High-resoluction Weather and Land Surface Models in the Agrcultural Sector"
    Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction System, Seoul, 13 June 2016
  4. S.-J. Lee, Mar. 2016
    "Use of High-resoluction NWP models in the Agrcultural Sector"
    APEC Climate Center, Busan, 29 Mar 2016
  5. S.-J. Lee, Feb. 2016
    "Preliminary evaluation of high-resolution LAMP simulation and a strategy for drought prediciton under the KMA NWP system"
    Dept. of Landscape Architecture & Rural Systems Engineering, Seoul National University, 1 Feb 2016
  6. S.-J. Lee, Dec. 2015
    "WRF & VAPOR Tutorial and Workshop for Atmospheric and Oceanic Researchers in Korea"
    Hosted by KISTI, Pyeongchang, Korea, 7-8 December 2015
  7. S.-J. Lee, Aug. 2014
    "(1) Agricultural Activities and Regional Climate (2) Agro-meteorological Data and QA/QC"
    Busan Regional Meteorological Administration, Busan, Korea, 13 August 2014
  8. S.-J. Lee, Nov. 2013
    "Numerical Algorithms for Aviation Icing Prediction"
    Green Simulation Inc., Busan, Korea, 26 November 2013
  9. S.-J. Lee, Feb. 2012
    "Land cover change effects on the regional climate of La Plata Basin in South America"
    Dept. of Landscape Architecture & Rural Systems Engineering, Seoul National University, 9 February 2012
  10. S.-J. Lee, Jul. 2010
    "Impact of land surface change on the regional climate of Southern South America"
    Environment, Energy, and Engineering, 30 July 2010, Seoul, South Korea
  11. S.-J. Lee, Oct. 2006
    "The KMA NWP system and applications for aviation forecast"
    Aviation Meteorological Office, 19 October 2006, Incheon, South Korea
  12. DiMego, G., Y. Lin, M. Pondeca, S.-J. Lee, D. F. Parrish, and W.-S. Wu, Sep. 2005
    "The Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) - A First Step Towards an Analysis of Record"
    Science and Technology Seminar, 5 October 2005, Washington, DC, USA
  13. S.-J. Lee, Jul. 2005
    "Near-surface data assimilation in the NCEP regional GSI system : Use of mesonet data and a new forward operator"
    NCEP/EMC Seminar, 26 July 2005, NOAA Science Building (World Weather Building), Maryland, USA
    [Abstract], [PPT presentation]
  14. S.-J. Lee, Mar. 2002
    "Numerical Weather Prediction"
    Air Force Education Headquarters, 22 March 2002, Jinju, South Korea

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